“What a Woman Needs to Know about Male Sexual Addiction”

— Paul Becker —

The book provides women with a solid understanding of male sexual addiction. The book offers illuminating answers to their compelling questions. They include the need to know how and when sexual addiction began, the characteristics of a sexually addicted person, the role of the sex addiction cycle and acting out ritual in fostering addictive behaviour, and whether there is hope for recovery.

Paul Becker’s roots were formed in Pittsburgh, PA,where he attended grade an high schools. His primary education gave him the tools to achieve advanced academic goals. He retired from the Federal Service and began a new career as counselor with Ephesian’s Life Ministries in Silver Spring, MD. He subsequently revised his focus to concentrate on helping men recover from sexual addiction. He has published ten books in the filed of sexual addiction.

Paul Becker, MAEd, LPC

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The Barriers for Recovery

Everybody likes sex. It’s a celebration of love, so to speak, for two people in love. Then something just ticks inside you and you go on to have a little experiment, perhaps with another girl. Or think it won’t hurt to watch a little bit of porn. Then you start having...

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The Characteristics of Sexually Addicted Person

  Sexual addiction is society’s growing plague Modern society, especially the entertainment sector, is notorious for glamorizing bad sexual behavior. Many movies and TV soaps use sex as a major storyline, and some visual media incorporate a bed scene to make the...

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If you're a person who knows someone who needs the help of this book or just an ordinary person who would like to learn more about sexuality, grab a copy now and see how far this book can help and add up to your knowledge.

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