Paul Becker,


Paul Becker’s roots were formed in Pittsburgh, PA, where he attended grade and high schools. His primary education gave him the tools to achieve advanced academic goals.

In 1963, he received an undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Francis University and a Masters in Industrial Relations from the same university. In 1981, he attended the prestigious, Harvard University – John F. Kennedy School of Government where he was honored to serve as a Senior Executive Fellow. His most recent degree, a Master’s in Counseling Education, was earned from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2002.

He began his government career in 1963 as an Economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor. Subsequently, he served as the Bureau’s Chief Financial Officer. As the highlight of his career, he served as the Director of Administrative Programs in the Office of the Secretary where he managed their facilities and telecommunication programs nationwide. He and his staff also managed the Department’s library, print plant, warehouses, internal security, vehicle usage as well as providing logistical support for the Office of the Secretary.

He retired from the Federal Service and began a new career as a Counselor with Ephesian’s Life Ministries in Silver Spring, MD. He subsequently revised his focus to concentrate on helping men recover from Sexual Addiction. He has published ten books in the field of sexual addiction.

Currently, he is on the staff of Life Line Counseling Center in Fairfax City, VA. He looks forward to writing a new book in the fall.

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