Relationships are difficult for men.  They are not prone to express their emotions as well as women. When men make the effort to express feelings, they begin the path to discovering a completely new side that they never thought existed.  Men are urged to appreciate their partner as the balancing factor in their partnership. A man is fortunate when his partner is open to share her feelings about anything and everything from casual topics to more serious subjects like male sexual addiction and sexually addictive behavior. Aside from this significant element, here are some other ways that partners can share their romantic life.


They encourage you to socialize

Often men are wired to be lone wolves when they are single, but as they enter into a romantic relationship, they are well served to take a card from their partner’s deck and learn to share their thoughts and feelings in return. For the most part women are natural masters of engaging with other people. Men benefit hugely from expanding their social circles where they act in concert with their partner to change individualism into a unified partnership.


Withdrawal and reality

Everyone has hang-ups. Partners are often prone to withdraw from an argument when they feel overwhelmed or feel they are likely to lose an argument.  Withdrawal is a very toxic way to handle disagreements.  Once a partner withdraws, the discussion is over.  An alternative to stark withdrawal is to assure one’s partner that he is currently overwhelmed and is emotionally unable to continue at this time.  However, a big difference exists when the withdrawing partner promises to come back later.  For example, he may commit to come back in a half hour or perhaps the next day to continue their discussion.  Stark withdrawal is like one taking one’s marbles and going home.  Constructive withdrawal honors his partner with a commitment to continue to seek a resolution.



Statistics show that men are more likely to cheat on their relationship than women are. A woman, who is loyal and faithful to her partner, rightfully seeks the same devotion from her partner, not only as proof of his love, but also as a sign of trust and respect. A man is blessed when his partner places emphasis on fidelity.


The path of honesty

 The need for honesty in a relationship can challenge the partners.  Unfortunately, men are often dishonest. They lie to hide their dual lives, to hide their aberrant sexual behavior, to shield their ego from the pain of discovery, and out of sheer habit, even when lying is unnecessary.  Committing to a new life of complete honesty is a far greater challenge than just disclosing past transgressions.  Accountability for honesty deserves considerable discussion during courtship and therapy. Sexual honesty supports a new relationship with one’s partner and pierces the veil of shame, denial, and lack of trust.  Disclosure of sexual secrets may occur at the time of discovery, during therapy, or during step-one of a twelve-step program.  Complete honesty involves disclosing past sexual secrets. For some couples, it may include disclosing current transgressions and temptations. Therapy does not end before disclosure of sexual secrets is addressed.

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