People who enter into relationships often do not realize just how much work it takes to make their partnership stable and long lasting. Among other concerns, marital intimacy involves the presence of communication where a couple can openly discuss the consequences of such issues as male sexual addiction. Experts in the field of sexual addiction estimate that at least 50 percent of males experience some form of sexual addiction during their lives. It is a real problem for many marriages. An essential element to survive the presence of sexual addiction is for partners to disclose parts of themselves that they might not normally discuss. That being said, here are some of the key aspects that couples everywhere are urged to explore in their heart-to-heart discussions.


Partners may not fully share the same beliefs on any given subject. Partners are individuals and have unique perceptions of how they view the world at large, whether it is religion, politics, culture, or personal habits. For instance, one person might take the reality of sexual addiction very seriously while another might act blasé about it. For people who are about to enter into a committed relationship, it is imperative they understand and respect each other’s worldviews. When things get tough, a couple needs to understand and practice how to amicably agree or disagree without completely ripping each other apart in the process. Managing recovery from sexual addiction is one of those difficult subjects to discuss.


Discussing fears is part of marital intimacy, particularly when partners have their own personal phobias and nightmares that challenge them deeply. Couples are encouraged to set aside their egos and share those things in life that make them scared or afraid. Sharing their deep-seated terrors will relieve emotional pressure to live a double life, that is, one life where self is portrayed as fully normal and another life where one lives in fear of being discovered, judged inadequate, and as a bad person; factors is sex addiction. Partners can work together to conquer or deal with their personal trepidations. Sexual addiction is a fear-based reality.


On a positive note, intimate partners are urged to be open about their goals in life. Transparency allows partners to gain insight into what motivates them. Bear in mind that relationships cannot work without exhibiting support or empathy towards one another. Men and women are blessed when they know one another’s life expectations and goals, that is, to ensure that their dreams are largely compatible with one another and acting as a source of positive reinforcement. Additionally, couples who work to achieve their goals together strengthen their marital bonds and live their lives in joy of one another.


Partners are urged to communicate in a healthy manner, whether they are arguing or are in a perfectly jovial mood. Beyond verbal communication, partners are urged to discuss one another’s body language, which can convey more than words can say. Couples who are newly formed might struggle with conveying their emotions, but with time and patience, they can learn to navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of romantic relationships.

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