Dating is a healthy social activity that increases men and women’s chances of improving their personal lives. Women in general are more astute or observant when it comes to pinpointing physical and emotional behaviors, including male sexual addiction. Admittedly, it can be hard for anyone to discern the presence of sexually addictive behavior, so women in committed relationships might need help to examine the actions of their husbands or boyfriends. In this regard, here are some signs that women should be aware if their significant other is secretly suffering from sexual addiction.



An unknown sign that your partner may be engaged in aberrant sexual behavior is procrastination.  Sex addiction is a shame bases disease.  About 80 percent of the time, the disease begins in childhood when the child is exposed to age-inappropriate sexual behavior or pornography. The child begins to repeat the behavior to which he or she has been exposed. Often by teen years, sexual promiscuity turns into a habit. The child experiences shame and guilt when reenacting sexual behavior. Because such strong feelings of shame are felt, the now adult procrastinates.  He or she procrastinates because he or she is fearful of failing to preform work and home tasks. If he or she has failed to end aberrant sexual behavior, they reason that they are likely to fail in life tasks, as well. In general the now addict is very concerned of being caught and lives in a world of fear.  Procrastination is an outward sign of the addict’s fear.


Unresolved behavior issues

Cases of sexual addiction are manifested in late childhood or teen years. If a teen spends an inordinate amount of time in a closed and locked bedroom, it may be possible that the teen is becoming addicted to pornography and masturbation.  It is reasonable that during study hours that their bedroom door remain open.  If a parent can check the history file on the child’s computer and in doing so discovers a significant volume of pornographic web sites, the computer should be blocked from access to pornography.  The computer use should then be restricted to the general quarters of the home. Professional counseling may be in order.  Sexual addiction is a very heavy weight to carry into adulthood and a marriage. Teens may not realize that their sex habits carry consequences that affect every part of their adult lives.


Suspicious financial activity

Couples in long-term relationships frequently disagree when it comes to financial matters. If men hide their credit card statements and phone records they may be hiding information from loved ones. Of course, many other explanations are likely and possible.  However, at least this behavior deserves an explanation and perhaps some follow-up. Another telltale sign is the sudden disappearance of funds from the family bank accounts.


Preferring unprotected sex

Adult unmarried couples who are sensible about their limits should have a serious discussion on safe sex in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. However, if women find that their partner wants to engage in sex without the use of condoms, then this is a serious issue. This behavior is indicative of selfishness that should threaten the continuation of their relationship.

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