A woman in a committed relationship is often left in the dark when it is revealed that her partner is suffering from male sexual addiction. Many wives or girlfriends might consider this as a deal breaker. However, with constraints this does not necessarily mean that she should give up on her “male.” A woman who truly loves her partner can choose to be “God-like” and support her partner to the extent she can.  This helps a man feel that he is not alone and, with the help of his support network, that is, his spouse, therapist, Twelve-step program, and his Higher Power he will be able to cope with the burden. To come to grips with the subject of male sex addiction, here are some key facts to consider.


  • Victims of sexual abuse during childhood or adolescence are likely to exhibit sexually addictive behavior in their adulthood as a reactive psychological response to their trauma. And, contrary to common thought, both “males” and “females” are exposed to sexual abuse.
  • Young men and women who are confused by their sexual or gender identity are also prone to engage in sexual behavior. Often , they aren’t yet certain of their sexual preferences and thus likely to experiment with their sexuality. They too will benefit from counseling.  Going the “identity road” alone is stressful and requires difficult choices.
  • Men who abuse drugs are twice as likely to abuse sex as a form of addiction as well. Drug addicts are susceptible to chasing highs that are temporary in nature, and when they are unable to get it via narcotics, they use sex as a way to achieve euphoria.
  • If men indulge in a sexual disorder like pedophilia or highly severe/extreme fetishes, then their chances of being a sex addict, by definition, is a given. This is considered critical and requires immediate attention. This is the kind of sexual behavior that victimizes innocent people.
  • Regardless of the type of sex addiction that a partner exhibits, it’s essential for couples to seek professional treatment so they can both recover in a safe and healthy manner. Men and women who work together to shed the sexual addiction disease, can be considered blessed: it is a difficult road but a highly rewarding one when successful.

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