Men are more likely to suffer from sexual addiction compared to women. This serious issue has similar consequences to being addicted with narcotics, and men who are afflicted with this condition should receive support from their loved ones and seek professional assistance to help curb their excessive sexually addictive behavior. While it’s perfectly acceptable to engage in sexual activities, it’s another thing entirely when a person becomes addicted to it. There are many reasons why some men fall victim to the spell of sex addiction, and here are some of the causes of this particular affliction.


Living a secret double life

Most men who suffer from sex addiction tend to live two lives: the life that they present to others in public, and the life that they lead behind closed doors away from prying eyes. Men who compartmentalize their lives are prone to indulging their carnal desires on an excessive level. Once they have established their private lives completely in contrast with their public lives, these men are now susceptible to engaging in sexual behavior that might threaten to compromise their wellbeing.


Emotional detachment

Sex is a vital component of every committed relationship between people. However, if a man engages in sex without feeling anything towards his partner, then chances are he is most likely in it for selfish reasons that could escalate into a full-blown addiction. Having sex but being emotionally detached creates this feeling of numbness that prompts individuals to seek addictive highs to counteract the detachment. Instead of curing their emptiness through sex, they’re only making the situation worse.


Pornographic preoccupations

When men begin to increase their pornographic consumption even after having sex with someone, then this is indicative of an addiction to sex on a serious level. Looking at pornography only exacerbates the situation for male sex addicts. Even when they consciously abstain from having actual sex with someone, their problem just will not go away like that if they continue their habit of watching pornographic materials. Too much of it could cause them to be dissatisfied with the feeling of having sex in real life because their expectations are based on an unrealistic portrayal of what sex is about.


Disregard for consequences

Sex can be dangerous, especially if the person doing it has no disregard for the consequences it can cause to people. A good example of this is if a man has sex with a person or several people other than his committed romantic partner. Not only is that man engaging in sexual trysts outside of his relationship, but he might not also care about the various ramifications of his actions such as getting someone pregnant or potentially receiving sexually transmitted diseases that he could easily pass on to his partner.

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