Everybody likes sex. It’s a celebration of love, so to speak, for two people in love. Then something just ticks inside you and you go on to have a little experiment, perhaps with another girl. Or think it won’t hurt to watch a little bit of porn. Then you start having problems. Your wife finds out. The office cam catches you working the ding-dong. You get divorced, you get fired. You realize you’re having some sort of a problem reining the “desire” in. You realize you like it TOO much and you start losing the people you love and the things that matter most to you. Worse, you just can’t seem to stop. Psychologists call it sexual addiction and since males are more prone to this addiction, it is more commonly referred to as male sexual addiction.

On a brighter note, like most addiction, sexual addiction recovery is very possible through a number of options such as therapy and support groups. It’s important to remember that although each recovering sex addict’s journey may be different, they can all agree on one thing: the barriers to recovery must first be overcome. Recognizing these barriers is important to keep you in the know of what to look for and how to deal with them when you encounter them on the road to healing.

Denial. The majority of recovering addicts do not feel that they need the treatment. Who doesn’t like sex anyway? At some point, it may seem like it’s totally normal for men to engage in sexual encounters even if it starts to have a negative impact in their lives. Boys will be boys. But denying that there’s a problem and that it’s hurting people are sure-fire ways to stall progress in recovery.

Shame. Coming to terms with the addiction is one thing but putting it out in the open is another. Some people may recognize that their life is falling apart, yet they choose to stay in the dark and do not get the help they need. It is important to remember that they are not the only ones in this situation and being honest about it is a vital step.

Fear. Of being judged, of losing a job, of being divorced, of violation of privacy. These are common fears that we tend to protect. We cannot afford to have our pillars of security falling down on us. Well, the reality is our fears do happen but that should not stop us from getting treatment. We should do this for ourselves. Ultimately, loved ones will appreciate that we are serious about getting well.

Financial. There’s no denying it, going the whole nine yards to recovery will be expensive especially if you have no insurance. Sadly, this is one of the major barriers to recovery. It is definitely a plus to invest in treatment as the costs will outweigh the benefits in the end. Fortunately, too, one other option that’s out there is to simply grab a male sexual addiction book that will offer guidance on the road to recovery from male sexual addiction. It may not replace a therapist per se, but it’s a starting point. It will give you the privacy you need as well as give you the chance to explore and delve deeper into the details of the addiction. It may just convince you to finally step out and take the initiative.

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